TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow went on a fact finding mission in Taunton to find out more about the roll out of the superfast broadband programme.

Ms Pow went with head of BT South West region Paul Coles and leading members of the Connecting Devon and Somerset team to try and press for more answers.

She said: "Understanding the complexities of this roll out goes some way to helping to understand why some areas are not coming under the first phase of connection.

"Connecting up the whole of Devon and Somerset requires the equivalent of a quarter of a million miles of fibre to be installed which is the same as the distance from here to the moon.

"From the Taunton BT exchange 9,325 premises are connected via 60 cabinets but I wanted to look especially at those areas even in town that are not yet receiving SFB. In some instances problems are understandable for example the cabinet beside Mecca Bingo in Castle Way is awaiting archaeological excavations by English Heritage before work can continue, but I am pleased to say following much lobbying I have been assured that the area around the bottom of the High Street which has been a bug bear for many businesses is due to come on stream by December."

Rebecca said she has been lobbying on behalf of rural areas too, including Heathfield, parts of Burrowbridge and Stoke St Gregory and Churchstanton.

Ms Pow, who is vice chair of the All Party Group on Rural Broadband said she will be pressing for legislation to ensure that all new premises must have fibre brought to the premises as is the case currently with wires.