TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow met representatives of schools in Taunton Deane to discuss the issue of fair funding for schools.

The event also saw the launch of a petition calling on the Government to consider a new approach to school funding due to widespread recognition that the current system is unfair and out of date.

Ms Pow says the Government has pledged to correct this historical injustice and made guarantees within its General Election manifesto that a fairer system would be introduced.

She is keen to see it implemented as soon as possible and is asking people in Taunton Deane to help push the campaign forward by presenting a petition to the House of Commons after the conference recess.

Research has shown that the ten best funded areas on average receive grants of £6,300 per pupil this year, compared with an average of just £4,200 per pupil in the ten most poorly funded areas.

Schools in Somerset currently only receive £4,343.44 per pupil.

Head teachers and governors across Taunton Deane showed their strength of feeling during their meeting with Ms Pow.

Afterwards, Sarah Watson, head of The Castle School, Taunton, said: "For years we have been battling to secure a fairer system of funding schools and I am pleased that the issue is now receiving the attention it deserves.

"The parents of Taunton want a fair deal for their children, based on need rather than where they happen to live.

"I hope as many local people as possible will sign the petition so that our voice can be heard loud and clear."

Ms Pow said: "I was delighted to meet with representatives from schools across my constituency and listen to their views on this matter.

"I already have a meeting planned with Ministers to feed back concerns.

"The teachers, staff and governors of schools across Somerset do a fantastic job with limited resources and I can only imagine what they would be able to achieve if they were to receive more funding.

"It is absolutely right that I do everything I can to help secure this for them and I am pleased that we are able to work together, present petition to parliament and bring this issue to the forefront of the Governments agenda."