AN EXMOOR author and wildlife enthusiast has seen her new book garner commercial success and national media attention.

Dawn Westcott's new book Wild Pony Whispering tells the inspiring tale of Exmoor pony foal Monsieur Chapeau who was found malnourished and suffering on the moors in January 2014.

Dawn and her husband Nick, who run the Exmoor Pony Club, nursed Monsieur Chapeau backed to health and now he his thriving today.

In just six weeks the book has topped the Amazon and Waterstones bestseller lists for horse and pony books, Dawn has appeared on ITV's This Morning alongside US singer Nicole Scherzinger and had features in the Daily Mail and The Times.

The book follows Dawn and Nick's struggle to get Monsieur Chapeau recognised and registered as a true Moorland Exmoor and highlights the plight of the free-living ponies of Exmoor National Park.

With over 200 photographs, it follows Monsieur Chapeau and other foals like him and the quest to safeguard the future of this endangered ancient native breed.