IT was third time unlucky for a shoplifter who walked out of Sainsbury's with a loaded trolley of goods without paying.

Jamie Weetman, who was accompanied by his girlfriend on two of the trips, stole a Dyson vacuum cleaner on each occasion, as well as other items worth a total of £1,764.20.

Weetman, 22, pleaded guilty to three charges of theft from Sainsbury's, in Billet Street, Taunton, when he appeared at Taunton Magistrates' Court.

Pamela Cave, 18, admitted two counts of theft.

The court heard that Weetman, of Scotchmead, Aylesbeare, Devon, was first spotted on CCTV on November 30 putting food, computer notebooks, DVDs and a Dyson in his trolley, before wheeling it out of the shop without paying.

He was back the next day with Cave, of Tor Close, Exeter, when they helped themselves to food, electrical items and another Dyson.

When they returned three days later they were tracked by CCTV operators, who noticed them taking a third Dyson, a camera, clothes and food.

Weetman then went to a checkout and bought a can of Coke and a newspaper before leaving with the trolley full of goods he had not paid for.

The pair were challenged by staff in the car park and arrested by police.

Emma Lenanton, prosecuting, said Weetman had a history of dishonesty offences, although he had not been in court since February 2013, while Care had a clean record.

Susan Stone, defending, said Weetman turned to shoplifting because he was penniless after his benefits were stopped because he missed an appointment.

Miss Stone said Care had expressed remorse for the offences, which came after she experienced three family bereavements in a short timescale.

Weetman was given a 12-month community order with 120 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £600 compensation to Sainsbury's.

Care was fined £160, with a £20 victim surcharge and £300 compensation.

They both also admitted twice failing to answer bail, but their time served in detention following their arrest was deemed sufficient punishment.