DAVID Webster and his four young sons had a day they'll never forget when they met David Bowie in the recording studio.

David, of Warwick Road, Taunton, had gone along to see Bryan Ferry perform in London in 1999 when he bumped into Billy Bragg.

"He just came up to me and said David Bowie's in the studio in Maida Vale tomorrow - do you want to see him?" said David.

"Of course I did, so I went along with my four sons the next day - there were hundreds of Bowie fans waiting.

"But when he'd finished recording, Billy Bragg signalled for us to go through and we spent 15 minutes talking with David Bowie.

"In that time he smoked three cigarettes one after the other - he was pretty hyper and very fidgety.

"He was putting his arm round my boys, chatting away in a real London accent.

"There was nothing high and mighty about him.

"It was a surreal moment, but what a great guy.

"He was one of the greatest and I was saddened when he died."