MOST singers would be happy to be part of one of the world’s super groups.

But for Helen Scott, it was something she managed not once but twice.

As one of the original members of the legendary Three Degrees, Helen has toured the world singing hits such as When Will I See You Again, Take Good Care of Yourself and My Simple Heart.

She also famously danced with Prince Charles and swapped baby recipes with Princess Diana.

Now she is about to embark on a world tour, starting in Japan before heading to the UK with a stop at Oake Manor near Taunton on March 12.

Helen was only 15 and still at school in Philadelphia when she was introduced to Richard Barrett, the manager and teacher of The Three Degrees, by a teacher.

“I remember taking the bus to rehearsals every day,” recalls Helen.

“We’d rehearse until 8 or 9 o’clock every night and on weekends. We’d play local record hops whenever we could. Gradually, we started to make noise outside of Philadelphia and we went to Pittsburgh, into Ohio and Rhode Island.

“We were just happy-go-lucky teenagers with no big expectations and we did it for the sheer pleasure of music. We just wanted to sing. I remember getting my first TV paycheck for $90 and I thought I’d hit the jackpot. To a 15-year-old, that was a lot of money.”

She is looking forward to returning to the UK: “The audiences there are amazing and always give us a great reception.

“When we play in Somerset, I expect everyone to be up dancing and singing along. That’s what makes it so special even after all these years. It is always a pleasure, never a chore.”

After a number of years with the group, Helen left to get married and have a family, putting her love for singing on the back-burner while her new profession, motherhood, took precedent. Her two children, Kia and Kyle, became the highlight of her life and singing was limited to children’s songs, the shower and family gatherings.

By this time, they had signed with New York-based Roulette Records and the line-up was Fayette Pinkney, Valerie Holiday and Sheila Ferguson.

In 1976, Fayette left the group and to Helen’s amazement she was asked to rejoin by former Degree and childhood friend, Sheila Ferguson.

“I never thought I’d be asked back so it was a great privilege,” added Helen.

“It was tough balancing singing with being a mom. I would get up in the morning, get the children to school and go to rehearse with Sheila and Valerie. After eight hours of intense singing and choreography I would come home to the full time duties of a mother and when the children were finally in bed, I prepared for the following day by practising the French, Spanish and Japanese songs I needed to learn for the upcoming tour.”

As the hits continued, The Three Degrees’ popularity lived on and their fan base grew, with one very special admirer among them – Prince Charles.

The group performed at Buckingham Palace for Prince Charles’ 30th birthday party and were the only American guests to attended the wedding reception of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, apart from Nancy Reagan and actress, Susan George.

“It was amazing for me, a girl from Philadelphia to be signing at Buckingham Palace,” added Helen.

“The press were calling us Charlie's Angels but I don’t know if Prince Charles himself ever said that. But we did many charity events for several members of the Royal Family and we met Princess Diana, of course.

“In fact, on one occasion, just after she had given birth to Prince Harry and I was pregnant with my daughter, Karis, she whispered to me that she thought she was pregnant, too.”

When not touring or recording with the group Helen is an entertainment consultant and artist development coach to young artists and organisations looking to pursue showbusiness careers in the business of show. Her current and past clients include The Artists United, WHW Rocks TV, the X-Factor Band, and The Philadelphia Department of Recreation.

After 35 consecutive years with The Three Degrees, Helen still loves going on the road and singing the songs loved by generations: “I'm a little older, a lot more relaxed and blessed to still enjoy what I do. Not everyone can say that and mean it.”