If you're having a ruff day, this news will be sure to cheer you up.

Pets living in Taunton have now been given a better chance of surviving household fires, thanks to new oxygen masks for animals being carried on the town’s fire engine.

The launch of the new pooch equipment is part of smoke-free pets campaign put together by Smokefreelife Somerset.

The smoking service have also funded the specially-designed masks and provided them for use in Taunton, for World No Smoking Day on March 9.

Watch manager, Matt Mason, of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, said: "I appreciate how important pets can be to some families and individuals.

"If this goes just that bit further to help improve the chances of survival for a pet, then it’s worth every effort.

"Many pet owners live alone and rely on their company for support, so this is just as important to their welfare as well as the pet in a stressful fire situation."

Smokefreelife Somerset donated the money for a set of masks to Smokey Paws, to help family pets in the event of a fire.

Lynn Carberry, from Smokey Paws, said: "It is with the support and donations from the public and organisations that allow us to give these life-saving oxygen masks to the fire service.

"Everyday firefighters risk their life to save us and our pets, the least we can do is to give them the right equipment to aid their efforts.

"We urge everyone to help us and donate what they can as the next pet we asked the firefighters to save could be yours."

Smokey Paws has a mission to raise enough money through public donations, to equip every first responder in the UK with these lifesaving masks.

For more information about Smokey Paws go to its website www.smokeypaws.co.uk

Smokefreelife Somerset is able to offer Somerset residents free, local, support to quit which can include free stop smoking medications given at a convenient appointment.

The service can be contacted by visiting smokefreelifesomerset.co.uk or by calling 01823 765006.