LOCAL MP Ian Liddell-Grainger has founded a parliamentary group, which could change school curriculum across the country.

Around 200 members of the House of Commons and the Lords signed up to a new all-party Parliamentary group started by the Bridgwater and West Somerset MP.

It is now thought likely that the new Dyslexia Parliamentary Group could trigger changes to school curricula across the country after it caught the attention of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools Lord Andrew Adonis, who wants to be kept informed of its progress.

Mr Liddell-Grainger, who is dyslexic, said he was told it was the first time anyone had started such a group in Parliament.

"It's also one of the biggest groups in the House and, as well as MPs and peers, the various dyslexia groups in the UK are signing up to it", said Mr Liddell-Grainger.

"One thing that is already clear - and which we have found absolutely horrifying - is the attitude of so many Local Education Authorities towards children with dyslexia.

"The way they work and operate is just not good enough. Taking the country as a whole, there are hundreds of cases of young people with educational problems like dyslexia that are just not being addressed.

"As chairman of the Parliamentary Dyslexia Group, I am determined to make it better."

He said that Lord Adonis had been "immensely supportive" and had agreed to address the group.

"Not only that but he would like us to look at the way the country's working in providing special educational needs for children.

"So the group wants to come up with a strategy that can be adopted into the curriculum by schools throughout the UK."