YOU'D be tempted to think it's not really news any more that the Prime Minister wants to stay in the European Union.

But while David Cameron nailed his colours to the mast of the Remain campaign, another PM has now announced he's also in favour of sticking with the rest of Europe.

Chris Ormrod, who prefers to call himself Prime Minister rather than managing director of Taunton firm Ministry of Cake, believes there are huge dangers if we decide to leave the EU in the referendum on June 2

He said: "We are seeing strong business growth with Europe and we don't want to see those sales shrinking – or going elsewhere.

"Having given this issue a lot of thought we concluded that leaving the EU could be a very real economic risk for our company.”

Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow, who also favours staying in the EU, said: "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and more than 80 per cent want to stay in a reformed EU.

"A vote to leave would lead to an economic shock – hitting small businesses hardest of all.

"Those who want us to divorce Europe can't say what the alternative would look like, and they would put our economic security at risk."