THE heartbroken family of an apparently healthy young man who died from an undiagnosed heart condition on his stag do in Poland are still searching for answers ten months on.

The twin brother of 28-year-old Gary Edwards, from Staplegrove, broke the news over the phone of his death in his sleep to his shocked parents, who then had to tell his fiancee.

Gary had been playing football with 15 friends on the beach in Sopot when, totally out of character, he said he had had enough and went home early to the apartment where he was staying.

His flatmates found him dead in bed the following morning and unsuccessfully tried to revive him with CPR.

His mother, Hilary Edwards, said: "The first we knew was when Rob (Gary's twin) rang up and said we had to get over to Poland as soon as possible because Gary had died."

Mrs Edwards and her husband, Terry, then had to inform Gary's fiancee, Sarah Moore, of his tragic death last July, and plans for their wedding barely a month later had to be cancelled.

The pain of what happened has been made worse by the Polish authorities, who have still not provided a report the family need to obtain a death certificate and for an inquest to go ahead.

"We still can't understand how Gary died, which is upsetting because people might make the wrong assumption because he was on his stag do," said Mr Edwards.

It is believed Gary had a rare but serious condition known as Brugada, which frequently has no symptoms - his direct family members are all being tested to see if it is hereditary.

The couple and Miss Moore have been comforted by the support of Cardiac Risk in the Young and plan to throw themselves into fundraising and increasing awareness of the charity.

Mrs Edwards found out about CRY, which supports bereaved people and young people diagnosed with cardiac conditions, while searching for the reason Gary died in his sleep.

A football match on what would have been Gary's 29th birthday in October raised £150 for CRY, while Skanska, where he worked as a scheduler, is raising cash for the charity at a summer fair.

Mrs Edwards plans to organise more events, while Miss Moore, who described Gary's death as "just a complete shock", is running the Bristol Half Marathon in September to bring in more sponsorship.

Mrs Edwards said: "Gary was a big personality with lots of good friends.

"So many people have said so many nice words about him.

"He had a way with people and was kind. He was always the joker, always laughing, funny and charismatic. He was happy and smiley and loved life."

He previously attended St George's Primary School and The Castle School, Taunton, and played football for Civil Service, Locomotives, Pen and Quill and DB Utd.

Around 12 young people in the UK die of an undiagnosed heart complaint every week.

For information about CRY visit or call01737-363222.