FORMER Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies is urging humans and pets to be vigilant against ticks and flea bites. 

She made the plea at the Devon County Show,

In the video, Sharron and the Tickbuster team of experts tell you how you can keep your entire family, even if you're a pet owner or not, happy and healthy in the great outdoors.

Sharron Davies urging you to make sure your animals are in tip top shape before the summer kicks in and also how help to keep your family safe from parasites.

The former Olympic swimmer is backing the No Bite is Right campaign and is making her way around the country on the Tickbuster Tour alongside a panel of experts,.

They including TV vet Paul Manktelow and parasite expert Richard Wall who is on hand to answer any questions about Lyme Disease and Babesiosis to help people and their pets prevent nasty bites from ticks and fleas which can lead to these diseases.

The Tickbuster tour (which kicked off in Ayr) visited the Devon County Show, and is highlighting new research that shows that almost one in ten pet owners don't do anything to prevent their pets being bitten by ticks and fleas.

Only a quarter treat their pet with a preventative treatment at the recommended frequency.

Furthermore, less than 60 per cent believe they have control over their pet's protection from parasites like ticks, fleas and lungworm.

But while nasty and in some cases potentially fatal - all of these parasites and the diseases they spread can be protected against by regular use of suitable preventative products available from vets.

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