GRANTS and Schemes up-date:

Kirsty Short MRICS, surveyor with Greenslade Taylor Hunt, advises: “There are a range of rural grants and schemes available under the Rural Development Programme for England that farmers should be aware of.”

Whilst many are wary of evermore forms to fill out, Kirsty highlights below a selection that may be of interest:

  • Mid-Tier: multi-year agreements for environmental improvements
  • Higher-Tier: multi-year agreements for environmentally-significant sites. 
  • Capital Grants: 1-2 year grants for hedgerow and boundaries, devel- opment implementation plans, feasibility studies, woodland creation and improvement, and
  • Water Capital Grants for those within a priority catchment target area which aims to reduce the impact agricultural prac- tices have on soil and water quality. Including grants for capital items such as concrete yard renewal, livestock and machinery tracks and roofing over livestock gathering are- as, slurry, manure and silage stores. Maximum of £10,000 per claimant.

Application window open until 30th September 2016.

For advice on your potential eligibility for these grants and schemes, or as- sistance with applications, please contact a member of GTH’s Professional Department on 01884 243000 (Devon and Cornwall), 01278 410250 (Somerset) or 01305 268786 (Dorset)