PEOPLE in Somerset have been urged to put their differences aside and pull together for the good of the country following the shock Leave result.

Thousands of people across the county headed to the polls last Thursday for the EU Referendum, with the majority of Somerset voting out.

The referendum gripped the nation, with a high turn out of 72.2 per cent, which was mirrored across Somerset.

In Taunton Deane, there was an exceptionally high turn out of 78.16 per cent.

The Leave campaign narrowly won the vote in the district, amassing 34,789 to the 30,944 votes for Remain.

The result was announced shortly after 6am, and was greeted with widespread cheers from Leave campaigners, in what at times had been a headed atmosphere at the count.

It was also an easy victory for vote Leave in West Somerset.

In the district, 21,752 turned out from a total of 27,478 possible voters, meaning there was a turnout of 79.16 per cent. 


Shortly after 3am, election officer Bruce Langley revealed the area voted to Leave the EU by a margin of 60.4 per cent to 39.6 per cent. There were a total of 13,168 votes to Leave while 8,566 opted for Remain. In total, 19 papers were rejected. 

Elsewhere in the county, residents of Sedgemoor voted in favour of leaving the EU, with Leave gaining 61.2 per cent of the vote to Remain’s 38.8 per cent.

There was an impressively high turnout in Sedgemoor of 76.3 per cent, with 41,869 voting Leave against 26,545 Remain votes

Across South Somerset, 99,535 people voted out of the 126,495 people registered, meaning there was an exceptionally high turn out of 79 per cent.
A total of 56,940 people voted to Leave the EU, with Remain gaining 42,527, meaning that around 56 per cent of people in the area voted to leave. 

Residents of North Somerset narrowly voted in favour of Leave, 52 per cent to 48 per cent, but Bath and North East Somerset voted 57 per cent to 43 per cent in favour of Remain.

The result has sparked a seismic shift in politics in the country.

Somerset County Gazette:

Prime Minister David Cameron resigned in the immediate aftermath of the result, with the race to become the next leader of the Conservatives and the leader of the country now well underway.

The victory for Leave also prompted chaos in the Labour Party. There was a vote of no confidence passed against Jeremy Corbyn, with 15 members of his shadow cabinet also resigning in protest at his leadership.