AS the country comes to terms with the Leave vote, we asked you what you thought of the result...

Brandon Hicks, 22, Taunton
"I voted Remain. As I work in the NHS I think it is a terrible thing to happen. The Conservative government is always trying to get rid of the NHS and this will only help them."

Raj Katechia, 48, London, works in Taunton
"I am not happy with the result. It is all in turmoil. Everything is all upside down and it is going to make things difficult for people working and going abroad."

Barry McDonald, 70, Taunton
"I am over the moon. There are things like elections where there are winners and losers. My children need to see what it is like. They have not known any different. The EU was ok when it was just trade up until 2000 with the political link up. That is where it started going wrong. This has been coming for a long time."

Jo Walker, 44, Taunton
"I think it is scary now that the Leave people have said we don't know what to do next. We don't know what is going to happen."

Amber McCrann, 42, Wellington
"I wanted to stay in just because if you look at all the most educated and wealthy people they wanted to stay in. I think people voted to leave because of immigration."

Tony McHale, 39, Taunton
"It is worrying. We have started off a period of years of uncertainty. We are still in for two years but immediately I am not sure what will happen. The pound has plummeted as a result of the vote."

Andrew Dixon, 55, Taunton
"Personally speaking it might be better for us but it depends on what the government decide they want to spend the money we save on."

Nicholas Honeyball, 58, Taunton
"I voted for the Brexit and it was because of the issue of sovereignty. I voted the same way and my family voted the same way in 1975."

Jason Jenkins, 38, Wellington
"I wanted to stay in because of the uncertainty that we have now, but it did need some sort of reform. It was a guessing game with how it would go, but i don't like the uncertainty we have now."

Michael Protz, 73, Bishops Lydeard
"I am disgusted. Just disgusted by the result. As a German living here, and I have lived her for 20 years, I wish the vote had been the other way. Our chancellor has caused a lot of these problems and I don't agree with some of her policies, especially regarding immigrants."


Helena Burtchaell, Taunton
“I voted to remain. 
“Not only has Brexit led to the largest decline in the UK economy in over 30 years, it has legitimised nationalistic and xenophobic attitudes. 
“Unfortunately it seems that a culture of fear and hostility has triumphed over compassion and tolerance.”

Deborah Willimott, Taunton
"I voted remain. I don't have a political reason, I have a personal reason because I lived in France and I feel really European.
"It's important to feel part of the wider community."

Richard Foggart, Taunton
"I'm not impressed at all.
"It's an absolute disaster and David Cameron should have ignored it because it's not legally binding.
"I voted remain but I knew we weren't going to get it."

Joe Bridgewater, Taunton
"I'm pleased with the result but I'm not pleased that we have nobody to lead us.
"I'm not pleased that people are saying we should be having a second referendum."

Douglas Hodge, Taunton
"I think it's good that we've left.
"We were getting shafted every way and someone had to take a stand.
"There should be no second referendum and I'm glad Cameron's going."

Paul Coombs, Taunton
"I'm out all the way.
"It's about time we made our own laws and took it away from Brussels.
"It's time to take back control of our country."

Jason Jenkins, Taunton
"I voted remain but it's all gone a bit strange.
"I don't like uncertainty and the media painted it as more of a circus."

Tim McGee, Taunton
"I'm very annoyed.
"All the young people voted remain but it seems the older generation are the ones that voted us out."

Roger Leaver, Weston-super-Mare
"We should have voted in because people voted to leave and are now regretting it.
"I think people voted out to go against the government."

David Appleton, Taunton
"I'm outraged.
"The bad news is coming thick and fast and I think the UK will now break up."

Lynda Le-Taylor, Taunton
"I worked at the polling station on the day and I was impressed by the turn out.
"I'm ok with the result and you've just got to keep your head up.
"I've been through worse."

Sam Sowden, Taunton
"I voted remain because it seems we were stronger in.
"There were so many benefits to being part of the EU that we will no longer have the option of using.
"It's a shame we are where we are now but the majority voted and we have to deal with it.
"Our parties need to stick together now and respect the public's wishes."

Stephanie Newman, Taunton
"I voted to remain so I'm disappointed with the result.
"It's not fair on younger people I don't think."

Alex Ross, Taunton
"I think it's good because we can make our own laws and not be ruled by Brussels and other countries."

Emily Brandrick, Taunton
"The outcome is bad because the vote was so tight.
"It's unfair on the young people like myself who voted to remain."

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