UPDATE: Stanley Johnson reacts to son Boris ruling himself out of the Tory leadership battle 

EXMOOR-based Stanley Johnson has backed his son Boris to lead Britain following the historic Leave vote.

Stanley, who was an avid remain campaigner as co-chairman of Environmentalists for Europe, has thrown his support behind his son ahead of the Conservative leadership election after Prime Minister David Cameron resigned immediately after the historic Leave vote, and now Boris has emerged as a front-runner to lead the political party and the country after he spearheaded the Leave campaign.

Now, speaking to the County Gazette, Stanley said: “As the co-chair of Environmentalists for Europe I campaigned passionately for Remain in the recent referendum.

"Now that the UK has spoken, and the verdict is ‘we are out’, I’m being asked where I stand on the leadership of the Conservative Party and the leadership of the country.

“I want to make it clear that though we campaigned on opposite sides during the referendum, Boris has my full support.

“I believe Boris is best placed to deliver a new settlement from the European Union, a settlement that reflects the hopeful, outward-looking vision of this country in the years ahead.


“Boris is a proven winner in a Labour-leaning city, a superb communicator, someone who reaches across the political divide, someone who appeals to people who wouldn’t necessarily engage in politics.

“And he’s helped to deliver a vote to leave the EU that’s supported by more than 17 million people in this country.

“Above all he’s the person who possesses the track record to ensure that sound environmental policies are delivered in co-operation with our European friends and neighbours – because he’s been doing so for six years as Mayor of London.

“He introduced the world’s first ultra-low emission zone, and a cleaner greener bus and taxi fleet, whilst overseeing significant reductions in NOX, PM.10s and PM.5s across the city.

“I’ve no doubt that in any future Brexit negotiation he would be at the forefront of the fight against air pollution and marine pollution, while ensuring the protection of our precious natural habitats.”