LEADER of Taunton Deane Borough Council, John Williams, reacts to the vote...

“I AM disappointed the final decision was to leave the EU as I feel we would have been much stronger in than the uncertain future it now holds for us. 

So far, from what I have seen, I am not gaining confidence that the leave side has any coherent plan as to what to do next. In fact, they give the impression they are totally unprepared for the results of a ‘leave vote’. 

At present, the financial markets are going haywire and no sign of clear direction as to what plans are in place for the future. 

As for impact on Taunton Deane, it will entirely depend on how quickly the markets are stabilised, we should have at least two years before we finally leave but it will hit imports and exports if alternative arrangements are not in place soon. 

This makes it difficult to establish the full impact at this stage. One thing is certain, the credit rating for the country has been downgraded and that will inevitably affect all importers and exporters, of which we have many in Taunton Deane. 

I have also seen much made of the drastic devaluation of pounds sterling as being beneficial, but one major local exporter has pointed out that it equally increases his costs of imported raw materials for the manufacturing process, so questions what good devaluation of the pound will provide.

The bottom line is that nobody likes uncertainty but unfortunately we have been plunged into the worst period of uncertainty that I have witnessed in many a year, it is not good for the country, the Borough, businesses or our community.

We need a clear and coherent plan taking us forward as a matter of urgency for the good of our great country so that we can all get behind the democratic decision made.”