THE acting head of Queen's College has told the students that the school 'is as strong as it has ever been'.

Dr Lorraine Earps addressed an audience on annual speech day, on July 1, outlining achievements of former pupils.

She said: "Queen’s is about and has always been about the young people who pass through its doors and the amazing things they go on to do with their lives.

“The young people you see sitting before you today are as impressive as any of the Old Queenians I have mentioned today.

“They will go on to do as many amazing things as any of the people in our history.

“This college is therefore as strong as it has ever been because the young people here are as strong as they have ever been."

Dr Earps said the year had 'not been the most straightforward' in the history of Queen’s College.

I would like at this stage to pay tribute to the amazing support that I have been given by all the staff of Queen’s College during this difficult time," she added.

Chair of Governors, Mr Mark Edwards, was appointed Chairman 42 years to the day after joining as a student.

He spoke of the challenges that they have faced.

He said: "It was vital that those challenges were confronted head on as some things simply cannot be ignored.

"In the circumstances, the board of governors could only focus on the greater good of this institution, its strong values and ultimately its future.

"We believe it is vital that we challenge what needs challenging and have integrity and honesty about how we deal with what presents itself to us.

"There is no excuse not to confront the difficult.

"It is also vital that any organisation is open and honest however difficult that can seem at the time."

The prizes were presented by guest speaker Professor Geraint Jones, Dean of education at the University of Buckingham.

The gathering was also addressed by Ben Porter, President of the Old Queenians’ Association, who spoke about its work.

Head Boy, Oscar Webb, and Head Girl, Grace Walburn, also gave a joint speech.

Other guests included the MP for Taunton, Rebecca Pow, and the Deputy Mayor of Taunton Deane, Cllr Hazel Prior-Sankey.