TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow says she will bear in mind the mistakes made in the 2003 Iraq War when voting on potentisal future conflicts.

Ms Pow welcomed the Chilcot Report, which slammed Tony Blair for his role in the UK's invasion of Iraq in suport of the United States.

But she added that she regretted the fact that it had taken seven years for Sir John Chilcot to complete his two and a half million-word report.

Ms Pow said: "I welcome the publication of the Chilcot Report, although I regret the length of time this has taken.

"My thoughts today have predominately been with our brave service men and women and Iraqi civilians and soldiers who lost their lives.

"The report makes clear that there were failures in both the procedures related to the decision making process as well practical failures during the conflict and I truly hope that lessons will be learnt and certainly many have been outlined, not including the setting up of the National Security Council which ensures the right framework for making any future such decisions.

"We must not forget the huge cost of this conflict and I know personally that has influenced my thoughts when making decisions on issues such as the air strikes in Syria and our commitment to overseas aid much of which goes to areas of conflict or potential conflict."