THOSE wishing to sign the petition to restore Wellington Monument have just under a week.

The petition, instigated by MP for Taunton Deane Rebecca Pow, now has the signature of the 9th Duke of Wellington, Charles Wellesley, who has joined Ms Pow in calling for recognition for the important landmark.

The two met on Monday, July 4, to discuss the campaign and to delve into the Duke’s history. He explained his family’s history and their relationship to the area and to the monument itself.

The Duke says that the monument is the tallest three-sided structure in the world, and is one of only three memorials constructed to celebrate the Duke of Wellington’s significance as a war hero.

Ms Pow said: “It was fascinating to meet with the Duke of Wellington and learn more about his relationship with the monument.

“I fully welcome his support for this campaign and it is an honour to have his signature on the petition.

“I look forward to working closely with him in the future.

“I will keep pushing to do everything possible to further the Monument restoration project."

The monument has been closed to the public since 2008.

Visitors haven’t been able to climb the 232 steps inside because of the dangers of falling masonry.

According to Ms Pow, 40,000 people still visit the site each year due to the ease of access and the scenic location.

Now Ms Pow is pushing for the final signatures on her parliamentary petition, as the deadline to do so is Friday, July 15. She will then present her petition to the House of Commons on July 20.

Sign the petition at the Gazette offices in St James Street, Taunton.