A WELLINGTON man died after probably taking heroin mixed with a prescription drug for depression, an inquest has heard today (Thursday, July 21).

The body of Ian Dearsley, 31, was discovered in his flat in Holyoake Street, Wellington, by his neighbour.

Mary Ellis, in a written statement, told the hearing that she was worried after not seeing Mr Dearsley, who had "a heart of gold" and was always looking out for her, for a couple of days.

She went to his home, where she discovered his lifeless body and called the police.

Police found a brown substance in foil wraps and suggestions of other drugs.

Post mortem tests showed the cause of Mr Dearsley's death was an overdose of either morphine or heroin combined with the other prescription drug he had taken as well as type 1 diabetes.

Tony Williams, senior coroner for Somerset, gave a narrative conclusion that Mr Dearsley, who was single and unemployed, had self administered the two drugs.

"That combined on a background of type 1 diabetes mellitus proved fatal," said Mr Williams.