A personal account from a client of Candlelight Care

Michael Vearncombe never envisaged having to rely on care staff to help him.

He and his wife Martha led extremely busy lives running their farm in Somerset.

Michael was on the Rural District Council and chaired various committees.

Martha sang in the Wells Oratorio choir and was a keen tennis player. As a couple they enjoyed the company of their friends and family and enjoyed life to the full.

Unfortunately Martha was diagnosed with Dementia and as she became less able they decided to retire to Butleigh to a house more suited to their needs.

There came a point when Michael and Martha reluctantly admitted that they needed support as their family lived too far away to help on a daily basis so Michael contacted Candlelight care.

A care worker visited Martha each day and as her needs increased more support was put in.

Lisa their main care worker ‘brightened their day’ and they became friends over the years.

Even now she is no longer looking after them she pops in from time to time to see how they are.

When Michael was admitted to hospital he was delighted to hear that his family had asked Candlelight 24 to send one of their Live in care staff to look after Martha and she did not need to be admitted to residential care.

He said: "The relief that I felt was overwhelming, the fact that she was there looking after Martha helped me to get better."

Michael and Martha have been able to remain in their own home supported by Jenny their Live in care worker.

They continue to entertain friends and family in their home and Michael is still able to go out even if Martha does not wish to go with him.

He added: "I am still able to go out, knowing that Martha is safe and being looked after so I don’t have to worry."

Jenny has worked as a live in carer for several years and thoroughly enjoys her role.

Jenny said: "I love my job, it is so rewarding and I really feel that I make a difference to peoples lives."