MACHETES, swords and kitchen knifes were among the 200 knifes handed in to police stations across Devon and Cornwall during knife amnesty week (November 15-21).

The knifes were all different kinds - from small pocket knifes to illegal lock knifes and Nepalese kukri-type knifes, along with an assortment of knifes typically found in kitchens.

They will be destroyed over the next few weeks. 

Weapons handed in included ornate fantasy-type knives, a variety of swords, machetes and even a nasty umbrella sword, where the handle pulls out to reveal a long spike, as used by the Penguin character in Batman, but no actual zombie-type knives.

Acting Detective Superintendent Ben Deer said: “I’m really pleased with the response we’ve had.

"Clearly people have taken this opportunity to hand these potentially dangerous items in which will now be safely destroyed.

“Devon and Cornwall does not have a particular problem with knives compared to some other parts of the country but it would be wrong to suggest crimes involving knives don’t happen here, because they do.

"The thing I want to point out though is that people who carry knives for no legitimate reason risk arrest and if used in a confrontation are highly likely to be injured from it themselves.”