Bishopswood Ladies

CHRISTMAS had seen some changes from normal with the Bells playing their seasonal repertoire at various care homes and the ramblers and skittlers enjoying social meals.

At the skittlers dinner Pamela Bamber was declared the “expert reject” while Pru Rose again won the tankard for the highest scoring player.

The ramblers had walked to the Howley Tavern for lunch, getting caught in heavy rain on the way, but drying out in comfort over a good meal.

Then Stephen and Neil, two retired traffic police officers from Somerset Road Safety, gave advice on “Driving Safer for Longer”. Stephen and Neil stressed the importance of checking tyres once a month and also carrying a spare wheel.

A little quiz followed testing the group’s knowledge of road signs and speed limits, which appeared generally satisfactory.

The importance of wearing a seatbelt for even the shortest journey was impressed on everyone.

The main qualities which make a safer driver are concentration, observation, and the anticipation and awareness which give time for the driver to react suitably to any situation. Everyone agreed that this talk had been extremely useful and informative.

Relaxation over tasty refreshments provided by Rosemary Robson, Anne Robinson and Hazel Tucker followed.

Next month Geraldine Field will show that “Felting is Fun”. Visitors will be welcome.