Wivey Action on Climate

FOUR people in Wiveliscombe shared their experience of owning electric cars at Wivey Action on Climate’s November meeting.

All found them to be great fun, very economical and suited to local use while still allowing longer trips.

Electric cars are clever, quiet and clean. They have no gears and braking helps power the battery. The motors are very efficient and the batteries can be charged at home or rapidly in 30 minutes at an increasing number of public points, including motorway service stations.

Their range is 100 miles or more, which is increasing as the technology improves. Longer trips can be made with charging stops or by using a hire car or the train instead.

Electric cars are cheap to run and maintain. One Nissan Leaf owner had spent only £130 on electricity for his first 4,000 miles – just 3p per mile. Grants are available for buying electric cars and for home or street charging points.

The meeting was also the group’s AGM, with activities over the last year reviewed and actions for next year discussed, which will include local tree planting. The committee was re-elected to serve another year.

For more information on electric cars and Wivey Action on Climate see www.wiveyaction.org.uk.