WE ALL love a bit of cake, who doesn't?!

Especially the treats from Taunton's very own Ministry of Cake.

The business on Frobisher Way was brought up by Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow during Prime Minister's Questions today (January 25).

It's led to the hashtag #MinistryofCake trending on Twitter, with many expressing their delight.

But not all social media fans were pleased.

Ms Pow told the house (to plenty of laughs): "Thank you Mr speaker.

"The Ministry of Cake in my constituency of Taunton Deane, a £30 million turnover company was recently bought by a French company Mademoiselle Desserts, they trade across Europe, Ministry of Cake and into China.

"Does this not demonstrate Prime Minister and would you agree with me that it demonstrates confidence in our economy, in that a European company has bought into it, that is demonstrates that we can unlock global trade and it demonstrates that the South West is a terrific place to do business."

Mrs May responded agreeing with Ms Pow, adding that the South West was a good place to do business.

And here's our favourite Tweets about the issue, just for fun: