A WALTER Mitty character 'doctored' his CV to dupe his way into the top job at a charity that cares for dying patients.

Jon Andrewes admitted making a financial gain by deception for his role as chief executive at St Margaret's Hospice, in Bishop's Hull.

Andrewes, 63, admitted lying about his qualifications to get a number of top jobs when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court on Friday.

Among his false claims was that he had a PhD, enabling himself to use the title Dr Andrewes.

Andrewes of Totnes, Devon, who was referred to as a Walter Mitty character at a previous hearing, admitted making a financial gain for a role at St Margaret's by deception in 2004.

He also pleaded guilty to dishonestly making a false representation, namely misrepresenting his qualifications, to make a gain as chairman of Torbay NHS Care Trust in July 2007.

And he admitted a second charge of false representation, namely misrepresenting his qualifications to make a gain in his position as chairman of the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust in Truro, Cornwall, in April 2015.

But he pleaded not guilty to a fourth charge of having a false degree certificate from the University of London that he used in connection with a fraud.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC adjourned sentencing to a later date.

No further outline was given about the case. The CPS are now considering whether to pursue the fourth charge or let it lay on file.

A decision on whether a trial is held on that count will be made at a later date.

Defending Andrewes, Rosaleen Collins said the allegation of having a false degree certificate was in relation to his daughter's degree, which he admitted tinkering with, but denies it was ever used for any fraud.

She said: "A long time ago he tinkered with his daughter's degree form, but it was a very poor job and he had no intention of ever using it.

"The investigation team found it but it has never been used and there has never been any suggestion that it has been used."

Andrewes was released on conditional bail until his next appearance at Exeter Crown Court on March 1, when he will be sentenced.

He was told to surrender to passport and he must not leave the Devon area.