West Somerset Cornish Association

THE 37th AGM of the West Somerset Cornish Association took place on Wednesday, January 18.

The venue was at Anne’s house, a committee member and events organiser. The agenda for the meeting was about the very existence of the club itself.

With a dwindling membership and low attendances at meetings, coupled with a changed format agreed at last year’s AGM, wasn’t the success that the chairman and committee had hoped for.

However, it was agreed by a show of hands to continue until December 31 and then review the club’s continuation.

Thereafter, Peter Triggs, who has been at the helm for many years, invited anybody amongst the members to be chairman, and seeing that drew a blank, and to much applause from members, Peter agreed to continue as chairman.

President Barbara Carew Fisher stood down from that post, and at the behest of the chairman with everybody in agreement, the post of vice chairman and committee was deemed not to be needed.

The club is now run by a team of four, namely chairman, treasurer, secretary and event’s organiser, and they were each thanked for the tireless contributions and hard work to sustain the club in its present form.

The club’s functions are monthly gatherings, usually on the third Wednesday in each month at either pubs or restaurants, and always daytime events.

Having regular venues and speakers, although enjoyable in the past, was deemed to be unaffordable to sustain.

On leaving, the meeting members were given a calendar of events until December 31. Everybody concurred for the club to continue on that format.

The next social event is February 14 at Watchet, at the home of two club members.