VOLUNTEER aid agency campaigner Doug Lowe has met Taunton Deane MP Rebecca Pow to tell her about the impact of climate issues locally and on communities around the world.

Mr Lowe, of Henlade, passed on information about Catholic international development charity CAFOD as part of a national awareness campaign.

The two wore green hearts to highlight what we face losing because of climate change.

Mr Lowe handed Ms Pow a fact sheet about renewable energy and on how to save energy.

Liz Crew, who farms on the Somerset Levels, said climate change is drastically affecting her industry.

She said: "Farmers know that flooding in winter is likely and so they build their cattle sheds on higher ground, but they don’t then expect the sheds to flood.

"The flood levels in February last year rose to unprecedented levels.

"Locally, here in Moorland, people knew the flood waters were rising, but I didn’t think that the houses in the village were going to flood. It was up to seven feet deep in places.

“I don’t think the UK’s farming industry is prepared for the changing weather as until recently we have never really had to be.”