Wilton Mothers’ Union

WILTON Mothers’ Union held their Annual Wave of Prayer Service and their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, February 7 at St. Michael’s Church, Galmington.

The Wave of Prayer Service is held by Mothers’ Union branches throughout the world, in the 78 countries where it is active.

At these services branch members pray for the linked areas they have across the world. The local Bath and Wells area is linked with False Bay in South Africa, Vellore in India, both Umuahia and Ijebu in Nigeria and Shinyanga in Tanzania. As well as prayer for these areas, the story of the Good Samaritan was read and illustrated with visual aids.

The AGM presented the treasurer, Knitting Bee and branch leader’s reports and the committee was re-elected.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday March 7, at 2.15pm in the Dunning Room of St. George’s Church Hall, Wilton when the guest speaker will be Emma Beard, a podiatrist.