TAUNTON Deane's MP sparked laughter in the Commons today after asking the speaker if he showered. 

Speculation over John Bercow's shower habits had the Commons in howls of laughter during Prime Minister's Questions.

The bizarre exchange was prompted by a question from Tory Rebecca Pow who raised the issue of plastic microbeads being used in cosmetic products like shower gel.

Rebecca Pow, MP, said: "Mr Speaker, perhaps you, like many other honourable friends and members here today, took a shower this morning.

"I am sure, Mr Speaker, you were very careful to check whether the shower gel contained microbeads."

Mr Bercow then urged the rows of laughing MPs to be quiet so that they could hear the "thrust of this fascinating question".

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Ms Pow then urged the Prime Minister to welcome the introduction of a ban on the use of microbeads in cosmetics.

Theresa May joked she was "not in a position to know" whether the Commons Speaker had showered on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Mr Bercow said his wife Sally and Mrs May's husband Philip would be "very reassured".

Addressing Mr Bercow, Mrs May then said with a grin: "I think I should say for clarity to members of this House that I am not in a position to know whether or not you took a shower this morning."

Mr Bercow then joked: "I think both Philip and Sally are very reassured by what the Prime Minister has just said."

Mrs May said it is "completely unnecessary" for manufacturers to use microbeads in products when they could use harmless alternatives instead.