PARENTS of children attending a school in Taunton have hit out against a damning Ofsted report rating the school as “inadequate”.

Taunton Academy was handed the rating by Ofsted after an inspection in January.

The report, published on February 27, highlighted issues with behaviour, pupil progress- especially those with special needs, and the number of students achieving English and Maths GCSEs.

However, mums have hit out in response, with many saying the school is mid-change and praising headteacher Jenny Veal.

Linzi Dixon, a mum whose son attends the school, said: “My son is thriving at the school, the report isn’t seeing the bigger picture.

“Mrs Veal hasn’t been given enough time to make the changes. The children are really hard working. My son is in the high performance academy and loves school.

“He is already thinking about his A-Levels and university and he is only in Year 9, and that is all down to Mrs Veal.

“I know the school has a few problems. We had problems with bullying, but after one phone call to Mrs Veal it was sorted out.

“Children can be nominated to be part of the high performance academy, the school can’t be all bad if so many of the children are thriving.

“The children that want to learn are thriving, the inspectors have to be able to see it all.”

Some parents felt that the report didn’t capture everything going on at the school.

Rachael, a mum at the school who did not wish to reveal her last name, said: “While the report may well be factual it by no means recognises all the improvements the school has made in the short period of time Mrs Veal has been there.

“The school had been rotting for years, my sister’s children attended the school and they are now in their late 20s, so it will take time and someone like Mrs Veal to sort it out.

“If it wasn’t illegal I would go and slap them with a wet fish.

“Surely these reports should be motivational and uplifting to Mrs Veal and her team to encourage them all to keep working so hard and to let local people see how much the school has and is improving?

“So many kids in the school are being given an opportunity to have a wonderful education.”

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One parent said that the report was based on irrelevant information as onus of last year’s GCSE results would be on former staff members.

Jo Wood, another mum, said: “I felt in light of the newest Ofsted report it was important to maintain a sense of perspective.

“From what I read, the school is in mid turnaround. Senior leadership and middle leaders are breathing new life into the school.

“The school is not only making academic progress but has also either dealt with or has structures in place to make sure that any serious ‘misbehaviour’ is on it’s way out and to ensure that all the children feel safe, valued and supported.”

“I also noted that judgments were made on the last GCSE results, which are really irrelevant in my view now, as there is a completely different staff team, daily regime and assessment process and obviously that cohort only had a term left of teaching time before their exams took place.

“I would like to thank you Mrs Veal for the fabulous job she is doing, and to say that as a parent I am happy to support the school at every possible opportunity.”

Mrs Veal said she was touched and delighted by the response of parents.

She said: “I’ve been touched by the support the academy has had from parents since the publication of the report.

“I was delighted to hear that many consider the school to be much improved. They have spoken to me positively about the support, progress and experience their children get here.

“Parents recognise that we are heading in the right direction and can see that we just need more time to show the evidence of all we have achieved.

“I am particularly glad to be working alongside our students’ families to improve our provision.

“This positive dialogue is really helpful in our understanding of things from their point of view.”