IF THERE was a Goldilocks standard for sandwich bars then Loafers in Taunton would win one.

The Goldilocks standard means the sandwiches are not too cheap, not too expensive but at the right price for quality - just right.

This is what owner and chief cook, Ben Saunders aims for every time.

He wants to in the words of Simon and Garfunkel ‘Keep the customer Satisfied’ and coming back for more.

Ben has been in charge at Loafers in 10, Bath Place for eight years.

Somerset County Gazette:

Prior to this he had no experience in the catering trade but had gained lots of experience as a production manager, setting up night club events, working in a post office, a photographic shop and for a record label.

The moment of change came while Ben was working in Bristol for a company which made items to help disabled people.

It was at the time of a financial crisis and this was coupled with the fact a number of his friends had got married and were moving away, so he thought it was time to go along a new career path.

Ben looked at four or five business location before deciding to go West, or at least to head to the South West and ended up in Taunton.

What he did have and still has is a love of cooking.

Explaining the difference between cooking for fun and in business, Ben said: “When you are at home cooking, you can take your time. You can taste things and try things to perfect what you are doing.

“Cooking for a business means you have to be more methodical and focussed on what you are doing.

“You have to focus on the customer.

“One of the things I do well is keep calm. I read an interview with some film star or someone I like and they said they best advice they could give anyone was to stay clam and be focussed.

Somerset County Gazette:

“I believe I have made myself become clam.

“Working for myself was something I should have done when I was younger. I do not have any regrets as I feel having regrets is being too negative.

“Rather I am glad I have done what I have wanted to do.”

Loafers gives customers a wide and varied of food to select.

This includes a breakfast menu, burgers, a roast of the day which can range from pork to gammon, beef to turkey, jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings, panini and wraps, chips, cold fillings, fresh salad boxes and home made items including tiffin, bread pudding, apricot and cherry flapjack, date and orange flapjack and a rocky road.

Ben added: “I like to serve our customers good food. I am selling more than a fizzy drink, crisps and a sandwich.

Somerset County Gazette:

“People are buying food which is fresh and will fill them up.

“I cook good food and I think this is something which people appreciate.”

The Loafer which has hygiene rating of five stars, has lots of dedicated customers who keep coming back.

They range from employees of Somerset County Council, doctors, health workers, office workers and people looking for a tasty meal at lunchtime.

He said: “Working as your own boss it’s different than working for someone else.

“It allows me to make my own decisions and you make my own mistakes but this is all part and parcel of the reward system when working for a small business.

“There is a sense of pride in what I do then and it is nice of people to take the time to say so.

“I do get a rush when we have had a hectic day but we have served everyone.