Dr Sam Barrell, chief executive of Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital on why she hopes Somerset County Gazette readers will support the MRI Million campaign.

MOST Gazette readers will have used Musgrove Park Hospital at some point in their life, or know someone who has.

You may even have been to the imaging department to use one of our MRI scanners for diagnosis of a sporting injury, a cardiac problem or a tumour.

If so you will know these huge machines produce incredible high quality images for our talented staff to work from.

We currently have two MRI scanners at the hospital, but they are operating at full capacity, and with a rising number of patients being seen here, it is resulting in longer waits for patients, and reduced availability for specialist treatments and taking part in ground breaking trials.

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By raising £1 million to buy a third MRI scanner – a vital piece of equipment – we will be able to ensure that we continue to provide an exceptional service to the residents of Somerset and beyond.

MRI is one of the fastest growing methods in medical imagery, proving far more effective and safer than traditional X-Ray scans.

It is most commonly used to look at the brain, spinal cord, abdomen, bone injuries, joints and soft tissue. It can also be used to look for tumours and investigate how deeply a tumour has grown into the body.

Because of the ever increasing number of patients, particularly heart patients, who need an MRI scan.

This means some people are having to travel to Exeter, Bristol and other locations, with some having to be recalled for repeat scans, and others waiting over 24 hours for their results.

So, I’d like to make a request to action to the people of Somerset to support us in raising £1 million to buy this crucial third MRI scanner.

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