TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow has discussed the future of the British agriculture sector with the new Defra secretary Michael Gove.

Michael Gove commented that more high quality and better care of the national environment is needed when thinking about Brexit.




Speaking at the event, Mr Gove said: "I am looking forward to extending my knowledge of British food and drink.

"Agriculture contributes £8.5 billion to the UK economy.

"This is a tremendous opportunity to take back control and ensure farmers are enabled.

"We are listening and want to assure those who live and work in the countryside feel as valued as they should be.”

He also pledged to build links with education, to teach young people and children where their food comes from, as part of the National Curriculum.

Ms Pow said: “Not only does agriculture and farming play a large part in our national economy, it is also vital to the local economy in Taunton Deane, with its large rural hinterland.

"I was really delighted to have an early meeting with the new Secretary of State, Michael Gove, and I am confident that he will listen to the views of both the farming industry and those involved in environmental work so that we get the best Brexit deal.

"With the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) being 40 per cent of European budget, this is a key area to get right.

"I am looking forward to further discussions on this area which is so important to Taunton Deane."