A WORKER at Hinkley B cracked vertebrae after falling through a skylight at the nuclear power plant.

EDF and contractor Doosan Babcock have been told they need to make improvements to safety after an investigation by the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

The Doosan Babcock employee cracked vertebrae following the fall in April this year, and the following ONR investigation 'revealed gaps in compliance of legal requirements by the licensee, EDF, and contractor Doosan Babcock'.

Improvement notices have now bee served to both companies. EDF confirmed the man is set to make a full recovery.

An EDF Energy spokesman said: “A contract partner employee sustained cracked vertebrae after falling through a skylight while working on a roof. We are pleased he is expected to make a full recovery.

"We held a thorough investigation into the event and we are taking the necessary measures to ensure a similar accident does not happen.

“Safety is our number one priority and we have kept ONR fully informed of the circumstances and the actions we have taken.”

A spokesperson for Doosan Babcock said: “Following an incident involving a Doosan Babcock colleague at Hinkley Point B in April 2017, we launched an internal investigation and have been co-operating with the ONR investigation.

"As a result we have now been issued with an improvement notice and are working closely with our partners, EDF, to make the necessary improvements identified.”