A PERFORMANCE by Taunton Deane Morris Dancers in Aller raised £500 for cancer charity Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment.

Other donations for County Gazette-backed SURE, which equips the Beacon Centre, at Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital, included £200 from Minehead Bowling Club, £10 from Alan and Eve Jenkins and £5 from Betty Pontin.

Presented to SURE in 5p coins was £102.65 from Wellington Thursday Women's Fellowship, £39.15 from Mrs Setter and friends of Taunton, and £39.05 from Taunton Hard of Hearing Social Club.

The £140.15 from the Beacon Centre included £110 in 5ps.

The week's total of £1,036 means £704,896.99 has been raised since the Gazette linked up with SURE.