THE Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team has visited a Somerset coast to detonate yet another ordnance. 

The team got to work in Burnham-on-Sea yesterday (September 28) to 'make safe' the item that had been discovered in the Bristol Channel. 

Burnham-on-Sea RNLI was on-hand to assist in getting the crews into the water.

A spokesman from Burnham-on-Sea RNLI said: "It’s been a very busy day for us here at the station.

"Our first job of the day was to assist a team from the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Section. Ordinance had been located in the Bristol Channel and they were tasked to make it safe. Their boat had been left with us for a couple of days as they had been called away to another operation but this morning they returned ready to go with all their equipment.

"After discussing their plans and preparing kit they made their way to the beach. Due to the state of the tide and the risk of their vehicle sinking in the soft mud we launched the boat using our Soft Track which is much better suited to the conditions.

"Our crews are well aware of the risks so it seemed a sensible option for us to carry out the launch. The Bomb Disposal Team then made their way to the site of the ordinance and made it safe by the use of small charges. They then returned to the beach where we assisted with recovery.

"It was then back to station where our launch vehicle was washed down ready for service."

After a busy day the RNLI team then had to undergo shore-based training to ensure they're ready for any shouts they are called to.