TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow spoke on the main stage at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this morning (Wednesday).

Ms Pow was invited to give a speech in the slot before the Prime Minister.

She recounted her experience of retaining her seat at the 2017 election as well the Government's "strong record" on the environment and the plans for the future.

Ms Pow has also spoken at a range of events across the three-day event on a variety of different topics, including the energy sector, rural housing, Brexit and the environment.

However, today's speech was the most high profile and offered the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

Ms Pow put herinvitation to speak in such a prestigious time slot down to her hard work since her election in 2015 and the growing momentum around conservative environmentalism and its merits.

Ahead of her speech she told the County Gazette: "‘I am absolutely thrilled to be asked to speak before the Prime Minster on the last day of Conservative Party Conference.

"To be able to speak of my home town to a room full of thousands of people and with such a wide TV audience will be an incredible privilege and a huge opportunity.

"Not only will I be promoting Taunton Deane but I have been asked to speak on my work around the environment.

"From my ever popular local environmental forums to influencing policy on ancient woodland and plastic micro beads the Conservatives are making great strides in the area of sustainability.

"They already have a fine track record for conservation and are firmly committed to climate change targets and pushing a low carbon future, but there is so much more we could and will do and I am working to help make this happen."