GOVERNORS at a Taunton secondary school want to build a new design technology block after it became unsafe to use power tools in the current facility.

Temporary classrooms could be demolished to make way for a new two-storey design technology building at The Castle School.

The school already has Government funding for the project to replace the current DT premises, which are viewed as undersized and overcrowded.

Planning permission was previously granted for a four-classroom building and the latest application to Taunton Deane Borough Council is a revised one.

A report with the application says: "The school’s current DT facilities are housed within existing Block A and comprise two undersized teaching spaces and a technicians’ work room with a number of stores.

"The area falls significantly short of the areas recommended...and is non-compliant in many respects of the Academy Annual Health and Safety Code of Practice Review.

"Class student numbers exceed the recommended for the available room areas and there is a lack of suitable and sufficient storage for clothing and school bags away from the practical area.

"The department experiences difficulties with the safe use of hand power tools and there is insufficient space around machinery.

"As a consequence, the department lacks sufficient space for the DT department’s needs and does not meet the school’s aspirations for delivery of this subject to their students."

As well as more modern teaching spaces, there will also be specialist stores and a technicians' workshop for safe use of machinery.

The governors report to planners at the Deane House says the existing temporary buildings are "in a poor state of repair" and present "an unattractive area to passers-by".