MP Rebecca Pow has been accused of being 'ignorant' after she claimed the people of Taunton Deane 'have actually got thousands more in their pockets' than in previous years.

Ms Pow was speaking during a Budget Resolutions session at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday, November 23.

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, responded to the comments by accusing Ms Pow of 'displaying an ignorance about what large numbers of people are experiencing'.

A petition has now been set up calling for Ms Pow to resign in the aftermath of the comments.

Rebecca Pow said in Parliament: "The people in Taunton Deane (who) speak to me, they've actually got more money in their pockets.

"We have put up the national living wage, we have cut income tax by raising the personal allowance and again we have frozen fuel duty so people have actually got thousands more in their pockets than they had under the Labour Government."

Mr McDonnell responded, saying: "I know the honourable lady is well intentioned but can I just say she has displayed an ignorance about what large numbers of people are experiencing.

He added: "I just say that all of us, who are on relatively high wages, need to understand and be very careful when we talk about levels of income, levels of wealth, when we know so many people - four million of our children - are actually living in poverty and two thirds of those children are living in households where someone is at work.

"That says something about low pay to me and it should do to all of us."

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The exchange has since gone viral, with video of the debate being retweeted thousands of times and social media users having their say.

An online petition has also been set up, with more than 100 people joining calls for Ms Pow to stand down.

Ms Pow responded to the criticism, saying she was highlighting specific announcements in Wednesday's Budget.

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