A TAUNTON man is taking on a record attempt - to juggle for 12 hours non-stop.

Richard Douglas, of Bossington Drive, will juggle three balls to beat the current record set at 11 hours, 12 mins and 46 seconds.

He hopes to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the Somerset Association for the Blind when he takes on the challenge from 8am-8pm on July 28 at The Old Inn, Bishop's Hull.

Richard said: "It's not a case of practising, it's a case of keeping the stamina up.

"I have been juggling for 17 years now but I have dropped a lot in my time!

"It's always Americans that break the record, but now I am hoping to do it - I'm feeling confident.

"It will just be me in a room with the adjudicators."

If you would like to sponsor Richard for his record attempt, you can write which charity you want to support, with your name and address and a cheque to 22 Bossington Drive, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 8HG