RESIDENTS and parents have spoken of their shock after an alleged police chase resulted in a crash outside West Monkton Primary School

A number of people have taken to social media to describe what they saw on the school run this morning. 

Police have been contacted for information on the incident which is alleged to be the result of a pursuit. 

The post on Facebook said there was an accident by West Monkton School and that police had blocked off both sides of the road. 

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But, another post on social media said a car was speeding to get away from police and crashed into another car in the school car park. 

The post says the driver then jumped out of the car and ran away with police chasing them on foot. 

A spokesman for West Monkton Primary School said it has texted parents to tell them that no one was injured the crash. 

"We can confirm that we have sent out a text message to parents to tell them that no one was injured in a crash that took place outside the school this morning," the spokesman said.