MAY the fourth be with you could be the new logo for Taunton Live 2018.

The reason being is this will be the fourth year the highly popular Somerset arts festival will burst into life in the centre of Taunton.

The festival brings a dash and a splash of colour plus vibrancy as it helps get the town buzzing with creativity and artistic panache.

The two main driving forces who help create this ‘tour de force in the South West’ are Jenny Keogh and Liz Hutchin who book and arrange all the events taking place during the month of July.

To give an understanding of what Taunton Live does listen to what they say on their website: “Taunton Live Arts Festival will be hosting creative events throughout the festival weeks celebrating the rich diversity of culture that multi-cultural Somerset has to offer.

Somerset County Gazette:

Even though it is still 2017 (last few days) both Jenny and Liz are already scheduling the 2018 festival and even making plans for 2019.

2018 is defiantly looking like a big arts month as Taunton Live is aiming to have loads of events covering every aspect of the arts including on Sunday, July 21, a super arts day of dance, poetry recitals, free creative workshops, arts stalls all taking place at Goodlands Gardens.

Liz Hutchin said: “Taunton Live is all about everyone in the community accessing the arts in all their glorious forms. It’s about participation, inclusion, and the creative process.

“Taunton Live is about providing opportunities for the people of Taunton to get involved in and experience music, dance, poetry and stories, visiting art exhibitions and trying out various creative techniques… “What we want to do is make all of this (arts) become the face of Taunton.

Somerset County Gazette:

“We are also in discussion with nursery and primary schools and residential care homes along with care in the community to be involved in mental health issues.

“We are working on things so we can take workshops into different environments.

“There are so many different levels.

“Support from local venues like Mecca Bingo, Ciccic, Businesses taking part in Adopt An Artist scheme, Churches etc we would struggle to provide the full range of arts events. We welcome anyone who has time, money, equipment, ideas that they would like to put into the mix.

“Among many things, we are currently looking for support with printing both publicity materials and leaflets to highlight the various trails.

"If you are a budding film-maker and would like to document the process/festival, or a school or college department, a community group – we would love to hear from you.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Jenny Keogh added to Liz’s comments when she said: “This is a community Arts festival that aims to bring everyone living in Taunton Deane together. Collaborations between professional artists and those who might not have had the opportunity to experience the `arts and explore their own creative pathways.

“The festival is a year-round all-consuming project volunteerled project.

“For the Go Create Team, the planning of Taunton Live never ends – it is continually morphing and after gathering feedback, changes and improvements are woven in to existing plans, attempting to make this truly Taunton’s Festival.

“There is not a week that goes by when we are not meeting with another potential Adopt An Artist venue, or an artist who would like to join in – we are constantly attending meetings to explore new funding possibilities and areas of support and always open to learning more about developing Taunton’s Arts Festival.”

Taunton Live gives the artists and public a chance to enjoy a high quality arts programme for one month in and around the town.

Liz added: “Come on Taunton – get on board and support this fantastic event for 2018 and beyond.”