A VILLAGER has seen the funny side to a serious problem with the road out of North Curry.

Dave Patten has been frustrated at a lack of action to fill in a pothole in Stoke Road, which has become water-filled after the recent heavy rain.

Unofficial hand-made signs have been planted in the puddles proclaiming 'North Curry Boating Lake' and 'Fishing Permits from Highways'.

Somerset County Gazette:

Mr Patten said: "North Curry can now boast a new boating lake along with all its other sports facilities.

"Courtesy of highways, who have failed to fill in an ever enlarging pothole for the last year, Curry people may soon be able to fish or swim by the roadside."

He believes the road surface there has been broken up by heavy goods vehicles driven along the road between North Curry and Stoke St Gregory.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: "We’re always grateful to residents for flagging up problems on the highway.

"We’re already aware of this damaged verge and have arranged for repairs to take place over the next few weeks when Stoke Road is closed for drainage work. This keeps any disruption to a minimum."

You can report road problems to Somerset County Council here.