IT has been a dream of chocolate fans for years - the white chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg - and now has become a reality.

But the chocolate maker is not simply producing the eggs, but is instead making those keen to try the delight work hard for the pleasure, because just 370 or so of the white chocolate eggs have been produced.

However, should you manage to find one, you could also win £2,000 in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style hunt.

Egg hunters will not be able to identify the special eggs without unwrapping them, for they are in exactly the same packaging as the regular eggs.

Cadbury said the white eggs are already in shops, including local newsagents, Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express and Co-op and will be around until April 1.

As well as the top £2,000 prize up for grabs, there are also a number of £1,000 eggs and others carrying a prize of £100.