LITTLE Jimmy Osmond holds two world records.

One official the other ‘unofficial’.

The first is a bona fide Guinness World Record for being the youngest male singer to have a number one single.

He achieved this fete in 1972 when his solo hit Long Haired Lover from Liverpool hit the top spot.

The second was while he was still ‘Little’ Jimmy Osmond and he became the youngster ever Elvis impersonator. This happened while he was working in Las Vegas at the international Hotel which became the Hilton Hotel.

Taking up the tale, Jimmy said: “I was working with Nancy Sinatra (daughter of Frank Sinatra) and would sing Frank’s song That’s Life.

“He even lent me his hat while I was singing. At the time someone thought it would be a good idea for me to get a jump suit like Elvis and impersonate him on stage. Well I thought if I was doing this I should act like a King. Before going on stage in my room I ordered room service and ate like a King.

“When I went on stage and sung I threw up (was sick) on the front row of the audience.

“Elvis who was watching the whole thing thought it was hilarious. He (Elvis) saw my impression and was very nice about it.”

Jimmy Osmond has been in show business for 50 years as she started singing when he was three-years-old, and he has held his Guinness World Record since he was nine years and eight months.

Somerset County Gazette:

This means come March 2018, if his record has not been broken he will have held the record for 46 years out of the 52 years he has been in show business.

A major record which is astounding.

He said: “I know what I am and what I am not. I am grateful for the path I have had with this success and the failure. I am still doing what I do and I love to be part of a show. Yes it is amazing it happened and it was all an accident. This happened during a time which people love to hate but it is a period of time important to many.

“What I did during it has brought me to where I am now and that has been in panto mode where we made fun of the song and I enjoyed the fun.

"Over the years different comedians have made reference to me or the Osmonds and we have appeared as quiz questions which I would think is a real compliment. Sometimes it can be a bit hurtful but you have to rise above it.”

Jimmy likes being part of a group or a family.

He was after all part of the Osmonds which was in its day a very successful family pop group in the USA and the UK especially in the 1970s.

As Jimmy said: “It was a family group which has its good points and bad points.

Somerset County Gazette:

“But I love my brothers and it was great to join up with them recently but the three of them want to do more rock ‘n’ roll which is not my think so I will continue to do other projects on my own.

"I know without my brothers who paved the way then I would not be where I am today, it would not have happened.

"My dad used to tell me a group (The Osmonds) was only as strong as the weakest one.

“I never understood what he was saying at the time, but since I have had my own family I realise what he meant.

"You do not need one person puffed up about their success and it should be success for the group.

One of the entertainers who set the Osmonds on their show business path was Andy Williams.

They would regularly appearance on the Andy Williams Show in the 1960s.

Jimmy said: “You can talk to my brothers and they will say different things but for me it was exciting.

“Andy always demanded perfection and we played every musical instrument we had to in order to stay on the show. It was like being on Britain’s Got Talent every week.

Somerset County Gazette:

“I got nervous before going on stage and I asked Andy if he did. He said yes he did and explained if people did not get nervous before going on stage then they did not care.

"What I enjoyed about the experience was I was learnt a craft and I was also part of a team.”

Jimmy is the owner of the Andy Williams Moon River Performing Arts Center which was something he never had on his radar.

He said: “Andy wanted me to keep it going as he had always held his Christmas shows here.

“I was his neighbour and friend and it fell to me. I knew I was a good operator so took it on.

“I did the show Andy Williams and Moon River. It turned out to be a big success and so last year I did 27 shows on tour and this year we will be doing another 44. I think what people like about it is the 1960s vibe they get from it as well as enjoying the music.

“I produced the show not expecting to be in it but they needed someone genuine and I did it.”

Jimmy Osmond, returns to the UK in 2018 with his hugely popular show - A Tribute to Andy Williams – Moon River and Me. Packed with award-winning music, nostalgic footage and Jimmy’s own personal memories of Andy Williams, the 36-date tour will run from January 31 through to March 16.

Jimmy who made his performance debut at the age of three on television on the Andy Williams Show will perform many of the romantic songs that made the legendary singer so popular including Music To Watch Girls By, Happy Heart, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Almost There, May Each Day, Days of Wine and Roses and of course the song that was to become his theme, Moon River.

The youngest member of the world-famous Osmond family is joined by The Moon River Band with special guest stars including Charlie Green and naturally, a show with an Osmond would not be complete without some of the chart-topping hits that made Jimmy and his brothers famous.

With an array of Platinum and Gold discs to his credit, Jimmy Osmond’s multi-faceted career has seen him star in the West End production of Grease; appear in panto; produce television specials amongst which was The Osmonds’ 50th Anniversary for PBS and author and illustrate the award winning children’s book Awesome Possum Family Band.

He was a finalist in the 2016 Celebrity MasterChef series.

You can see A Tribute to Andy Williams – Moon River and Me with Jimmy Osmond at: - The Playhouse Theatre in Weston Super Mare on February 21.

Buy Tickets online at and at the Octagon in Yeovil on March 10.

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