'THE show must go on' took on a very literal meaning at Queen's College after the star of the show broke a bone in the run up to opening day.

The school on Trull Road was putting the finishing touches to its Belle dance show, based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast, that was set to be watched by more than 2,000 people over five performances.

But disaster struck when Anna Campbell, playing the title role, fell during the dress rehearsal and broke a bone in her foot, leaving her in plaster and out of action just three days before the first show.

Head of dance, Jo Elliott re-choreographed the whole production in one day to enable cast members Ivy Aitkin-Andrews and Imogen Billington to step into Belle's shoes.

Headteacher, Dr Lorraine Earps, said: “The resilience of the group as a whole to come back with such panache after the loss of such a significant figure made this an immensely special occasion. The result was spectacular."