THE revelation that a photograph of a 'beast' on Dartmoor - which turned out to be a dog - would be a "blow to monster watchers" is far from the truth according to a north Devon mystery animal research group.

Photographs published in a national newspaper suggested that a monster' turned out to be nothing for than a Newfoundland dog named 'Troy'.

However animal experts at The Centre of Fortean Zoology - the world's largest mystery animal research group based in north Devon - said the news came as no surprise.

The research team were shown the pictures at the beginning of June, and identified the animal as a large dog.

They claim they were amazed that photos made it into the national papers at all, because they knew it from the start and didn't think the story worth pursuing.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology, the world's only full time, scientific organisation for the study of anomalous beasts, investigate reports of weird creatures all around the globe as well as in the UK.

They have no doubt that there are odd animals on Dartmoor, including feral big cats and a population of wild boar.

Anyone interested in their work can visit the centre's annual convention - the Weird Weekend.

Held from August 17 -19 at Woolfardisworthy, North Devon, it features the largest collection of monster experts in the world, and talks this year include Ukrainian biologist Grigoriy Panchenko on the almasty - a Russian ape man, Oll Lewis on Welsh lake monsters, Mike Hallowell on a 20th Century dragon worship cult (and the object of their veneration), Ronan Coghlan on fairy lore, and Paul Vella on the sasquatch.

Tickets cost £20 for the three days (in advance) and are available from the CFZ website on or by emailing