A NEW reservoir could be built at Taunton Racecourse to help ensure softer ground and help reduce the risk of injury to horses and jockeys.

A planning application for the Corfe site has been submitted to Taunton Deane Borough Council requesting permission to build the reservoir "to assist with the irrigation of the course".

A previous reservoir was put in back in late 2012, but bosses now feel it is insufficient for the needs of a major sporting venue.

Architect Trevor Spurway, who has sent in the application, said: "While this (the existing reservoir) has proved an excellent tool to assist with the maintenance of the course, it is clear that additional (water) storage provision is required.

"As a result, the proposal aims to provide a new reservoir that will allow them to form an overflow facility connected to the existing reservoir and also capture rain water during the winter months, thus allowing the racecourse to water the track in the spring to prevent hard ground and honour the full racing calendar."

The second reservoir would be sited on an under-utilised plot of land within the centre of the course.

Mr Spurway said a new water storage facility is vital to help Taunton "meet the racing calendar needs" through "the required level of irrigation".

He added: "The ability for extra irrigation will create softer ground, which will ensure the risk of injury to the horse and jockey is significantly reduced."