A BREWERY has been accused of fuelling stereotypes by launching a pink, glittery beer designed specifically for girls.

Brewdog says it wants to tackle gender stereotypes to highlight the ridiculousness of marketing products for women in pink.

But not everyone sees it that way and the firm has been met with a string of backlash.

On Facebook and Twitter, it posted: “We’ve created a beer for girls. And it’s pink. Because women only like pink and glitter, right?”

It followed it up with “#Sarcasm.”

Dani Southall wrote underneath the Facebook post: “Lets show that enough is enough with stereotypes…. By using a stereotype. Sounds like trying to reel in a bad marketing decision.”

Charles Macdonald-Jones said: “Another monumentally stupid idea from the people who brought you 'Trashy Blonde'.”

Lauren Weight wrote: “By sarcasm did you mean #tryingtosalvagepoormarketingdecision. Let's support a gender equality issue by tapping into a gender stereotype over something as completely gender free as beer.

“Let's use some marketing cliches for appealing to women, to highlight gender equality! It's so ironic we're so clever. Nope. I'm not offended I just find it laughable. Cheers.”

But some were quick to support the campaign, saying people should see it as the joke it.

Vicky Brown wrote: “Oh good grief, this is not offensive... how about producing a hairy bottle with a medallion for guys? it's hilarious, come...on... have a beer, chill out.”